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Forum Rules

General Rules

    * 1. Being a member of this forum is a privilege. We retain the right to ban anyone from this forum if they do not follow our rules of proper use.
    * 2. We ask that all users ONLY speak English on all threads, unless the board is specifically for speaking your language. IE: if the board's name is "汉语" -> that means you are ONLY allowed to speak Chinese. Same rule applies for all other languages. If the board does not specify a language, you are ONLY permitted to speak English.
    * 3. Respect all members of this forum. This includes staff members. We are here to be a community, and as such, we should show respect to each other as human beings. This extends to respecting another members comments, ideas, and beliefs.
    * 4. Please keep all content of an appropriate nature.
    * 5. No solicitations of any kind are allowed on this forum.
    * 6. Spoilers! If you are writing something that may be a spoiler to another user, please use the spoiler tags to hide your message. Here is an example:


[spoiler]This message is a spoiler...[/spoiler]

    * 7. Only one account per user. If you are banned do not create a new account. PM a staff member to find out the reason for your banning.
    * 8. Requests are a privilege not a right. We have the right to limit requests as we see fit.
    * 9. The use of leet speak is prohibited, and can result in a warning and/or a temporary ban.

Posting Rules

    * 1. Keep all spam in the spam section. Any post containing spam can and will be deleted from the thread, and a warning will be issued to the offender. Repeat offenses can result in a permanent ban from the forums.
    * 2. No advertising. See rule 2 in "Avatar and Signature Rules" for the exception.
    * 3. Staff members retain the right to edit your post if it contains inappropriate content, advertising, spoilers, or any other material deemed unfit by the staff.
    * 4. Do not post the same message in multiple topics. Cross posting of any kind is not allowed.
    * 5. Keep personal conversations as personal. Please use PMs or other messenger services as methods for chat between two people. The forum is a way for the community as a whole to interact, not just you and your friend.
    * 6. Spamming just to raise your post count is not allowed. Actions such as a reduction in your post count and/or a ban from the forums may result if you try to manipulate your post count.
    * 7. When linking an image into your post, put it in a spoiler.

Avatar and Signature Rules

    * 1. Make sure the images and content in your avatar and signature are of an appropriate nature.
    * 2. Signatures are the exception to the advertising rule. However, excessive or inappropriate advertising is not allowed. Discretion on what is appropriate is left solely to the staff.
    * 3. Avatars are limited in size. If you are having trouble uploading your avatar from your computer try, uploading it to a file host and then placing the link to the image in the appropriate place.
    * 4. Signatures are limited to 2. If you go over 2 signatures in your profile, we reserve the right to remove them.

Rank Rules

    * 1. Ranks are a privilege not a right. We retain the right to revoke the rank of any member if they break any rules or spam incessantly to achieve a rank.
    * 2. We retain the right to change the ranking system at any time if we find it to be inadequate or outdated for any reason.
    * 3. Special ranks are given for special reasons. Please do not request special ranks from staff members. We give out special ranks as we see fit.
    * 4. Moderators and other staff are chosen by the current staff. These ranks are given based on activity and merit, such as following the rules of the forum. Do not expect to become a member of the staff if you cannot follow the rules.
    * 5. DO NOT spam moderators or other staff with requests to become a moderator. Moderator positions are given out based on activity, merit, and necessity.

*We reserve the right to amend these rules at anytime without notice
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